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Much Needed Relief!!! December 14, 2010

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So, I am sure that you all are wondering what in the world has taken me so long to write on my blog?  It has literally, as of tomorrow, been two full months since I have written.  I have to admit it… for one thing… I am a SLACKER!!!!   Not only that, but I also have had quite a bit going on lately.  I am sure that you all know that I had surgery back at the end of October.  What you might not know is what kind of surgery I actually had.  Well… here goes…..   I. Had. A. Breast. Reduction. 

This wasn’t just some split second decision on my part, but more of a long awaited and long suffering year and a half since my doctor suggested that I have the procedure done type of thing.  Over the last few years, it seemed that the size of my breasts had begun to overtake who I was and delegate what I did, as well as what I wore.  My posture suffered drastically, and my shoulders, neck and back ached beyond belief.  I can remember many nights asking my husband to rub my back under my shoulder blades, but he could never reach where it hurt, for it was deep inside from the weight of my BOB’s.(Big old Boobies) 

Trying to walk with my back straight was, in itself, a major feat, which took so much out of me that I was only able to do it for a short while, and then back to my bad posture self I went.  People, (men in general) would talk to them and not me, which gave me a strange feeling, because I was so much more than just two mammory glands out there for all of the world to see.  They had literally taken over my life. 

So, after much delegation and thought, my doctor and I decided that this is the best thing that I could do for myself , both physically and mentally.  So after years of looking like this:


My back is not hurting, I can walk with my shoulders back, and my posture is so much better.  I am working on working out so that I can get the rest of me looking like it should again, but enough of that… here are some after pics:


Don’t know about you all, but I myself can sure see and feel the difference!!!  I would have to say after the slight setback of contracting staph in one of my stitches, that this is the best thing that I have ever done for myself.  I am writing this to help others out there who may need this surgery but who are scared to do it and to give them strength and help them to know that it will be alright.  What a change it has made in my life and it will in yours as well.  If you are considering it and have any questions, I would be glad to give you the knowledge that I have on it and wish you all the best of luck!

Now, since I am a bit of a slacker and am not sure if I will be on here or not before Christmas, I want to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!!  Love you all!!!